October Restaurant “We Heart” Blackbird Cafe “

The Blackbird Café is located in the beautiful city of California Heights. For those who live in other areas of Long Beach or Orange County this tiny breakfast and lunch place is definitely worth the drive.

The owner Debbie, created the kind of place that she was looking for to go eat.The place Debbie had in mind had a unique menu, fresh quality food, a dog-friendly outdoor dining area, and an artistic atmosphere, all at a fair price. That is exactly what you will find at the Blackbird Cafe on the corner of Wardlow and Orange in Long Beach, CA.

In addition to a simple but adventurous menu, (soy chorizo wrap anyone?), the Blackbird offers fresh and delicious mimosas and bloodymarys; a great selection of beers; and a modest but sophisticated wine selection.

The Blackbird is about connecting, and staying connected. Debbie chose to set up shop in Cal Heights because it is an up and coming, if not already here, neighborhood. It is a beautiful place that celebrates it’s history.  She started as a hostess when she was 15, then became a server at 16 at Coco’s restaurant. Here she met her wonderful friend, Lydia, who has worked with Debbie since the Blackbird opened in August 2011. “I feel so happy that we get to work together again, in a neighborhood that is all about staying connected.”

“Our customers are our friends. You will always get friendly and professional service. I am happy to be in a neighborhood where people walk or ride their bikes to get here. My story is: I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do – own a restaurant that has heart, in the heart of a great neighborhood.

Since my showroom is near Blackbird and I have has the opportunity to enjoy almost everything on the menu which by the way is all delicious. Drop by for breakfast or lunch and enjoy the outdoor seating and the most delicious breakfast or lunch in the city…Five Hearts to Blackbird for amazing food and service.

Don’t forget to show them love by  giving them hearts on our @ weheartlongbeach.com website after you try them out.



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