January Restaurant “We Heart” Healthy Eating @ HipPea

With the New Year well underway I am sure that most of us would agree that eating healthier is something we could all improve on. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious healthy meal at HipPea on 4th street in Long Beach. I can tell you that this is definitely one place that will make my meatless Monday’s painless.

First of all everything was wonderful. Now I won’t have to go to the Fairfax area of Los Angeles to get my falafel fix because HipPea delivers on flavor and service. Now be forewarned this place is tiny and can get crowded but it is worth any amount of inconvenience you have to overcome. Why not drop by to eat and enjoy the shops on Retro Row or plan your evening to include an art film at the theater next door. However you plan it eating here will definitely become a delicious way to enjoy your meatless day.

I tried the chopped salad with mini falafels. My eating partner tried the Indie Box Falafel, which comes with six Falafels, Pita, Hummus and fries.

My chopped salad veggies were crunchy and fresh. The mini falafels were moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. The seasonings were over the top. I enjoyed a mixture of Mediterranean ranch with a little tahini and mango curry sauce, which took my salad to another level.

 My eating partner shared his fries with me. They only use fresh potatoes that are seasoned and fried to perfection and when you eat them with your own combo of sauces you will become addicted.

 You absolutely cannot go to HipPea without trying their  Chocolate Chip cookies. They are made with what else…peas, chickpeas to be exact. The cookies are gluten free and made daily. They are now securely banked in my memory as one of the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

Now for the cons…The place is small. There is usually a line out the door because there is only standing room for several people. There are a few tables to eat outside where you can people watch. So I suggest that you either call ahead or expect to wait 15-20 minutes because they do cook your food to order. Luckily I have always found parking in the lot across the street at fifty cents an hour.

 All I can say about HipPea is that if you are looking for a meatless meal that is healthy, crunchy, sweet, spicy, tangy and full of deliciousness then this is your go to place. HipPea proves that eating vegan and healthy does not mean eating tasteless.

HipPea is located at 2023 East 4th Street


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